[Limited quantity! Special campaign price] Eco-friendly Flora Big Thanksgiving! Starts on February 1, 2023 <Campaign has ended>

Eco and great value Flora Thanksgiving Day starts on February 1, 2023

Limited to 20,000 pieces! We offer it at a special price.

This is a special campaign where you can purchase two items from the very popular Flora series at a great value.

Products eligible for the campaign

Manabis Cosmetics | Flora Skin Care Oil
flora skin care oil
"Beauty oil for the whole body is a waste"
no. Just a small amount and it will stretch out easily.
Why not take advantage of this great opportunity to start moisturizing your whole body and self-massage from your head to your toes?
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flora supplement basic
"Let's take lactic acid bacteria every day for now."
Isn't that comforting?
Take advantage of this great opportunity to get supplements that reach your intestines properly.
Would you like to start a healthy habit that is efficient and worth continuing for your future self?
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Manabis Cosmetics | Flora Supplement Basic (Refill)
Flora Supplement Basic (Refill)
Supplements for tomorrow's self
To continue to be kind to ourselves and the earth.
Flora Supplement Basic is also available in refills.
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Campaign has ended.
Thank you for all your orders.