An honor only held by 25 companies in the world
Monde Selection Award Winner for 10 Consecutive Years

"Crystal Prestige Trophy"

In 2023, Manavis Cosmetics was awarded this commemorative trophy by Monde Selection as proof of having won the Monde Selection award for 10 consecutive years.

This is recognition of the quality of Manavis Cosmetics products and our sincere corporate attitude, and is a reflection of our commitment to quality and our determination to continue fulfilling our promises to our customers.

We promise to continue providing high-quality products and services to live up to the trust placed in us by our customers.

What is Monde Selection?

Over 80 experts will evaluate eight categories, ranging from food to cosmetics, over a period of five months.

This evaluation is not a relative evaluation, but an absolute evaluation based on set standards, and comprehensively examines the product's quality, safety, effectiveness, etc.

In the cosmetics category, products are evaluated from a wide range of perspectives, including not only scientific but also sensory aspects, such as quality, safety, effectiveness, packaging design, sensory aspects of the product (scent, feel, etc.), ease of use, and the satisfaction provided by the product, by cosmetics specialists as well as pharmacists, dermatologists, researchers and developers, scientific engineers, and other experts.

Build up beauty slowly.

Now we are learning the meaning of living carefully.
I feel it again.

A rich time to face yourself and your loved ones.
Enjoying relaxing days.

In these times, Manavis Cosmetics,
To the heart that seeks healthy beauty,
More than ever,
I want to be close to you carefully.

Take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and let your hands touch your bare skin.
I hope you have a pleasant time.

Naturae Vis Maxima

Naturale Bis Maxima


"The greatest power is the power of nature"

This means that each and every member of the Manavis Group
Words that I always keep in mind.

The company name is also derived from these initials.

Don't forget to respect nature,
Taking advantage of that power,
Making things with ease.

Our thoughts at the time of our founding were:
Nothing has changed.

And now, even more

``We are also a part of nature''

Carve it into your heart.


Company Profile

Company name Manavis Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Chief Operating Officer Representative Director and President Shinichi Kaneko

Address: 15-8 Chidori, Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture

Business content Sales of quasi-drugs, cosmetics, health foods, detergents, etc.

EC operation manager Kazuhiro Ikeda

Phone number 047-380-0500