Basic care for healthy skin

All 5 basic care items

A quasi-drug containing active ingredients.

It's all about the basic steps you take every day.

In the hope of a positive response

Was born.

Balancing care that focuses on beautiful skin bacteria

The key to health is

Living in your skin and body,

Balance of a wide variety of bacteria.

First, start with skin care that focuses on skin-beautifying bacteria.

And for internal and external beauty.

Special care for ideal beauty

Items that will lead you to the ideal beauty you envision.

Items that make up for what's missing.

Slowly face the mirror,

Gently touch your skin, first,

Please choose a special item.

Day care that protects your bare skin from ultraviolet and near-infrared rays

Ultraviolet B and A waves, near infrared rays, and dryness.

A daycare that takes care of all of that.

Mild formula that does not use UV absorbers.

Depending on the scene, usability, and finish

There are 4 types to choose from.

Hand care that values ​​cleanliness and beauty

An alcohol-containing gel that blends in smoothly.

A mild soap that cleanses with fluffy foam.

A cream that wraps you in a veil of moisture.

Care for your hand skin in a gentle and caring way.

Body and hair care that makes every day a little more special

A soft foam body soap.

Nurturing a healthy scalp for beautiful hair,

Medicated shampoo and hair pack.

Use the same skin care concept as when caring for your face.