Starting Monday, April 15th, some of our products will be available at the Meetz Store on the 2nd floor of Shinjuku Takashima.

Some Manavis cosmetics items are now available at the Meetz STORE on the 2nd floor of Shinjuku Takashima.


What is Meets Store?
You will be surprised at how big the world is. Everyone who visits the store will be surprised at how much bigger the world is than they imagined.

The times are about to change. Meetz STORE offers you an experience that will brighten the future just a little further away through new encounters.


Location: Meetz STORE Shinjuku
Shinjuku Takashimaya 2nd floor
Enter from the JR exit on the 2nd floor and turn left. *2 minutes walk from the Shinminami ticket gate.

This is a great opportunity to see the actual products, so please come and visit us.

Exhibiting item lineup: Flora First Serum, Flora Skin Care Oil, Skin Wash Tube, Skin Mask Tube, Emollient Lotion, Restore Gel Refill Set, Lift Serum, Whitening Essence, Wrinkle Gel, Cream F
・New product: Hand cream (set of 3 / *New type with paisley pattern)


Manabis cosmetics will be exhibiting at the "Life-changing Exhibition" held at Shinjuku Takashimaya!

store information
MeetzSTORE is a showroom store that offers a selection of beauty, lifestyle and other products. In-store, you can see, touch and try out products before purchasing them.