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"Aging signs"

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Your skin age is up to you

As we age, many people start to worry about their skin.

As age-related skin concerns such as age spots and wrinkles that you want to improve increase, are there any areas where you find yourself neglecting your skin care routine or giving up?

There is a good chance that your skin can be improved with proper skin care and a healthy lifestyle.

Learn about anti-aging care items that are tailored to your skin concerns.

To do this, it is very important not to overlook the "signs of aging" in your skin.

A step towards improving your aging skin problems.

So, this time let's dig deeper into the topic, "You're not the only one! What are the skin aging concerns and key points that many people have?"

When did you notice the signs of aging?

Survey on people's awareness of skin aging signs

This time, we are targeting general women in their 30s to 50s.

A survey was conducted on "signs of aging and skin care."

Let's take a look at what average women think about signs of skin aging and what they consider important.

When did you first notice signs of aging? In which areas?
Many people responded that they started to have "nasolabial folds" around the age of 30.

First, we surveyed women in their 30s to 50s about signs of aging care.

When did you first notice signs of aging?

More than 60% of people notice signs of aging between the ages of 30 and 44.

Half of the respondents said they noticed the signs in their "nasolabial folds" and "around the eyes and corners of the eyes," suggesting that these are areas where skin care should be focused.


What are the signs of aging you are concerned about?

"What signs of aging have you noticed?" (Multiple answers allowed)

『Wrinkles (65.1%)』
"Sagging (51.6%)"
"Stains (44.9%)"

We asked everyone what skin concerns and signs of aging they had.

It seems that wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots are areas of concern.

The important thing about skin care is to first understand the causative factors and then take proper preventative and countermeasure care.

More than half of women have changed their skin care routine after noticing signs of aging. What are those skin care methods?

So, how many people have noticed the signs of aging and changed their skin care routine?

Approximately half of the respondents said that they "changed their skin care method after noticing signs of aging."

And what is the changed "skin care method"?

"Using anti-aging care products (59.2%)"
"Strengthening moisturizing (54.8%)"
"Face mask pack (33.8%)"

It seems that nearly 60% of people are starting an anti-aging approach by adding "aging care items" to their current skin care routine.


What effect has the change in skin care had?
Many women experience moisturization!

Next, we asked how her skin has changed since changing her skin care method.

While many people answered that they "didn't notice any changes," many also felt that "their skin became more moisturized."

Next, we asked those who had experienced a change to tell us specifically what kind of change they had experienced.

"Please tell us what changes you have noticed in your skin since changing your skin care method."

・My skin has become less rough and my complexion, which used to look dull, has brightened and become firmer (30s)

・I used to feel dryness around the corners of my eyes, but by using anti-aging skincare products and undergoing facial treatments, I felt that my skin became brighter and plumper (40s).

・If I neglected my nighttime skin care routine, wrinkles would appear on my forehead, but now they don't appear anymore (40s)

・Deep wrinkles have become thinner (50s)

Some people have noticed changes such as less rough skin and less deep wrinkles after changing their skin care methods.

What ingredients do you look for in skin care?
The first place goes to [Hyaluronic acid]

It seems clear that many people experience changes in their skin after changing their skin care routine.

So, what ingredients do you look out for when it comes to skin care?

"Hyaluronic acid (61.7%)"
"Vitamin C (45.9%)"
"Ceramide (28.3%)"

Over 60% of respondents answered "hyaluronic acid," indicating that many people believe that hyaluronic acid is important in anti-aging care.


Next, we asked those who answered "hyaluronic acid" to give specific reasons why they think it is important in anti-aging care.

■Please tell us why hyaluronic acid is important!
・I want to add moisture and firmness to my skin (40s)
・I want firmness (40s)
・It seems to be good for preventing wrinkles, age spots, and firming the skin (50s)
・It is often seen as an effective ingredient for anti-aging care (50s)

It seems that many people rely on hyaluronic acid to firm their skin.

Finally, we asked them what kind of effects they expect from anti-aging skincare products .

When asked, "What kind of effect do you expect from anti-aging skin care products? (Multiple answers allowed),"

"Improvement of wrinkles (63.7%)"
"Firmness and radiance (55.7%)"
"Moisturizing effect (42.6%)"

And it continued.

Since over 60% of people answered "improvement of wrinkles," it may be that many people believe that wrinkles make them more aware of their age.






The key is to choose anti-aging skin care products that address your skin concerns.

When in doubt, why not consider hyaluronic acid?

Special care for smooth, firm skin!

Special care for ideal beauty


The ideal of beauty is different for each person.

Firm, firm skin. Skin that is overflowing with transparency.

Skin that reduces the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness.

Or, ageless,
It could be a radiant look.

Items that will help you achieve the skin and expression you envision.

An item that complements what basic care alone lacks.

Slowly face the mirror, gently touch your skin,
First, choose a special item.


Because I want to stay bare skin forever.

To return to basic daily care and continue to love your skin tomorrow.

I want you to try incorporating your own daily life at your own pace.

Manavis Lift Serum


Contains a luxurious blend of four types of hyaluronic acid.

It also contains several beauty ingredients,
Once absorbed, you will feel a fine, firm sensation.

A special serum that blends smoothly into the skin and refines its texture.

customer's voice

It has a thick, non-sticky texture, is colorless and transparent, and has a subtle, refreshing fragrance.

It gives a sense of security, like a veil is covering the skin. It is a beauty serum that is absorbed well and feels good.

customer's voice

It contains four different types of hyaluronic acid, so it really is a luxurious serum.

It penetrates the skin smoothly and leaves it feeling moist and tingly. It feels great to use and is a great product worth the price.

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It feels thick and leaves the skin feeling very moisturized.

It keeps your skin moisturized for a long time without the need for moisturizing cream.
The next morning after your nighttime care, your skin will remain soft and supple!

Manavis Cream F


Reduces the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness* and leaves skin moisturized and radiant.

Aging care cream containing fullerene.

Furthermore, it is a rich cream that contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients derived from plants.

customer's voice

I'm happy that it has high moisturizing power and lasts a long time. It also makes my makeup go on better and prevents my skin from drying out.

customer's voice

It's moist and dense and really good.

When I apply this, I feel like my wrinkles are getting thinner. I really like it.

customer's voice

It contains fullerene, an ingredient that is said to have anti-aging and antioxidant properties, and it also has the fullerene logo mark, so I could use it with confidence.

Other SPECIAL line products

Medicated whitening essence EX

For smooth and translucent skin.
A moisturizing whitening serum.


medicated whitening lotion

Protects against dryness caused by UV rays and blue light,
An intensive care lotion that prevents rough skin.


Moisture Gel

For skin that reduces the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness.

A gel-type moisturizing liquid that helps the skin's barrier function.

【調査期間】2023年12月14日(木) ~ 2023年12月15日(金)