Both women's skin and men's skin.

There are no boundaries when it comes to beautiful skin.

The origin is the same.
That is the beautiful skin you had when you were born.

A baby's skin is soft, moisturized, pure and beautiful.

As we age, why do some people's skin change and some people don't have beautiful skin?

Of course, it also depends on your physical condition, but the key is how well you take care of yourself on a daily basis.

It is equally important for both women and men. Especially in recent years, men's awareness of the value of beautiful skin has changed.

One of the reasons behind this is that in addition to the value of gender freedom, beautiful skin looks more youthful.

do you know?
The truth is that men have weaker skin.

This fact is surprisingly unknown to many people. People tend to think that men have stronger skin, but first let's compare the skin of men and women.

Men have thicker skin and secrete 2 to 3 times more sebum than women. Furthermore, the number of cells in the skin's stratum corneum, which maintain moisture, is small, and water evaporates easily.

In other words, ``face washing'' to wash away excess sebum and ``moisturizing care'' to moisturize the skin are very important.

Furthermore, men are said to have weaker skin and need more care than women because they don't take care of UV rays on a daily basis and are exposed to more external stimuli, such as shaving, than women.

The key to women's skin is well-balanced care.

So what about women's skin? It is true that men have thinner skin than men, but sebum secretion peaks in their 20s and begins to stabilize.

As a result, your skin becomes more prone to dryness, and ``moisturizing care'' is the key.

Many women have made it a habit to take care of UV rays, wash their faces, and use basic cosmetics from a young age, and many of them have beautiful skin.

However, it is true that many people are so conscious of their skin that they simply take care of basic care such as washing their face and only apply beauty serums.

It is easy to forget that basic skin care consists of gentle and careful face washing and daily moisturizing care.

Both women and men have the same approach to beautiful skin.
Why basic care is important

Even though women's and men's skin characteristics are different, what is important is the basics of ``cleansing'' and ``moisturizing.''

The reason is very simple.

Washing your face not only removes excess sebum and dirt, but also to keep your skin healthy and ready for skin care.

Moisturizing is to lock in moisture that provides moisture to clean skin after washing your face.

These two steps make special care such as serums more effective.

Simple and important “face washing” and “moisturizing”

Gender has nothing to do with skin care.

Manavis cosmetics
Basic cosmetics for everyone
An accumulation of simple but careful routine care.

Careful "face washing" and "moisturizing"

Gently envelops your bare skin with ``high-quality foam''

Thoroughly ``moisturizes'' your skin, which is pure and clean.

Both women and men, regardless of age
Washing your face is an important skin care routine that you can do every day.

Basic skin care items

medicated skin wash d
Medicated skin wash tube type


For washing your face every morning and evening.

Wash with soft foam while retaining moisture.

Amino acid-based weakly acidic gel soap containing 16 types of plant-derived ingredients.

customer's voice

・I was surprised at how moisturized it remained after washing.

・I've been using it for many years, but I'm glad that a tube type version has been released, making it easier for my husband to use as well. It's a family favorite.

・I feel that even the inside of my pores are clean. The dullness has been removed and the tone has become brighter. Immediately on the day I used it, I realized that this is different! I felt that the dirt was being removed properly.

·very good. I don't like chemical fragrances, and cosmetics with strong smells make me feel sick, but Manavis' products have no smell and are pleasant to use. This is a wonderful product that I will continue to use.

Medicated skin maskMedicated skin mask tube type


A moisturizing revolution with in-bath care.

Wrap your freshly washed bare skin,
A moisturizing and smoothing pack.

It has a washable, soft creamy texture that can be used in the bath.

customer's voice

・I feel like the stains are getting lighter. I think I'm someone who gets sunburn easily, but I feel like my skin becomes whiter.

・It felt pretty smooth after using it. I think it improves the flexibility of the skin, and it also helps in applying lotion. It was good because it wasn't difficult to wash off, which is typical of packs.

・I got rid of dullness. I was afraid to use a face pack because of my sensitive skin, but I use it every day without any problems.

Medicated emollient lotion EX


Leaves your skin more fresh after washing your face.

The fine mist blends comfortably into your skin,
Adjust the texture.

Easy-to-use mist type lotion.

customer's voice

- It's a spray type, so you can use it to touch up your makeup, and it's great because you can apply it all over your face with just one push!

・I had sensitive skin, so I was worried that it would be itchy, but it turned out to be fine. Since the container is a spray, the lotion is evenly distributed over the skin. My skin is seasonally dry, so as soon as I put on the lotion, I can feel it absorbing into my skin.

・My skin is in good condition. My acne is gone and the rough feeling on my nose is gone. The color of my skin has also become whiter and it looks great.

moisture gel set


skin cover advance


SPF15 PA++

Healthy natural color. A fresh finish that makes your skin look more beautiful.

A daytime lotion that is perfect for everyday use.

While providing moisture, it gently protects your skin from ultraviolet B and A waves and near-infrared rays.

It feels light on the skin, spreads smoothly, and feels fresh.

It is also recommended as a makeup base.

skin cover natural


SPF13 PA++

A basic color that blends well with any skin tone. A natural finish that makes your skin look healthier.

A daytime lotion that is perfect for everyday use.

While providing moisture, it gently protects your skin from ultraviolet B and A waves and near-infrared rays.

It stretches smoothly and is slightly moist.

It is also recommended as a makeup base.

skin cover white


SPF18 PA++

A natural color that makes your skin look brighter. A fair and shiny finish.

A daytime lotion that is perfect for everyday use.

While providing moisture, it gently protects your skin from ultraviolet B and A waves and near-infrared rays.

Although it feels light to wear, it is moist.

It is also recommended as a makeup base.