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Briobecca Urayasu
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A portion of the sales of related products

I will be supporting Briobecca Urayasu.

All-in-one with 3 functions in one
Briobecca hair shampoo


Protects the moisture of hair and scalp while cleansing

Refreshingly smooth hair and care for dry scalp

A refreshing scent inspired by Briobecca Urayasu

“Cleansing” “Scalp care” “Conditioner effect”
All-in-one with 3 functions in one

Keep your face and body refreshed with this one product
Briobecca face & body wash


Cleans sweat and stickiness with fine foam

A refreshing scent inspired by Briobecca Urayasu

Supports skin's natural moisture with a refreshing cleansing experience

Briobecca Urayasu × Manavis

Briobecca Urayasu is a well-loved and loved adult soccer club team that was born and raised in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture.

With the motto "From Urayasu to the World", we aim to develop local juniors as a starting point and grow into a world-class team.

We became Briobecca Urayasu's uniform partner in 2014 as a way for people who love their local area and aim to go global to make their dreams a reality someday.

We develop and manufacture Briobecca brand skin and hair care products for athletes who sweat a lot.

A portion of the sales will go to the team.

We convey our desire to support you in a way unique to a cosmetics manufacturer.

Briobecca Urayasu's official website provides the latest information and matches.

From what Manavis can do

In order to be loved by local people,

First of all, we must continue to love and sincerely contribute to the local community.

This is the founder's philosophy that describes the company's ideals.

And now, the motto for smiling is Made in Urayasu.