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How to Choose a Cleansing Oil


Daily use cleansing oil

Is it gentle on the skin? Does it have good cleaning power?

What you want to know: "How to choose" and "How to use"


Do you think about cleansing as much as you do about makeup?

Many women wear makeup every day depending on their plans, such as going out or working.

And on special event days, you'll want to wear more makeup than usual to have fun.

On days when you put on a lot of makeup, it's important to be thorough with cleansing and skin care.

However, there may be many people who just do it without knowing how to use cleansing products correctly, or who find cleansing itself to be a hassle.

Beautiful skin isn't achieved in a day!

Cleansing is a very important step in maintaining beautiful skin.

Ladies, how do you normally cleanse your skin?

[Cleansing habits of 1,007 women]

What are the concerns when applying heavy makeup?

This time, we targeted ordinary women in their 30s and 40s.

A survey was conducted on "the reality of cleansing."

We conducted a survey of ordinary women about what they want from a cleanser and what are the most popular types of cleanser.

We will also introduce how to choose a cleanser and how to use it.

What worries you on days when you put on heavy makeup?

First, let's look at the attitudes of women in their 30s and 40s about "strong makeup."

"When do you wear heavy makeup? (Multiple answers allowed)"

"When going out with friends or family (53.1%)"
"When I go to work (50.5%)"

It seems that everyone has many opportunities to wear makeup, both at work and off.

Next, I asked about this.

"What do you particularly notice on days when you wear heavy makeup?"

"Makeup coming off (31.1%)"
"Leaving makeup behind after cleansing (28.9%)"

Especially on days when you have applied beautiful makeup, makeup coming off and makeup remaining after cleansing seem to be particular concerns.

Is cleaning power the key to cleansing?
"Oil type" is the most popular

Makeup cleansing is necessary on days when you wear makeup. What do you actually want, and what type of cleanser do you use?

What do you want from a cleanser?

"Cleaning power (63.4%)"
"Easy to fall off (60.2%)"
"Less harsh on the skin (45.6%)"

Although you want to thoroughly remove your makeup, it seems ideal to use a cleansing agent that is gentle on the skin.

What type of cleanser are you currently using?

The most common answer was "oil (46.3%)" , followed by "gel (17.7%)" and "cream (14.4%)" .

In terms of texture, about half of the respondents used the oil type, indicating its popularity.

So we asked them specifically why they use the oil type.

■Please tell us specifically why you use the oil type.

・The oil type was the easiest to remove (40s)

・I feel like it thoroughly removes heavy eye makeup and foundation that's clogged in my pores. (30s)

・It comes off without friction on the skin and leaves it feeling moisturized after washing (40s)

The appeal of oil-type soaps is their strong cleansing power and the satisfaction they provide after washing. After all, it seems that the most important thing for people is to thoroughly remove their makeup.

While many people are satisfied with their current cleansing products, why do some feel dissatisfied?

How satisfied are you with the cleanser you are currently using?

"Very satisfied (22.9%)"
"Satisfied to some extent (66.3%)"

It seems that although most people are satisfied with their current cleansing products, they still have some concerns.

So what exactly are you dissatisfied with?

"What are you dissatisfied with?"

"It's hard to remove dirt from pores (33.9%)"
"Makeup is hard to remove (29.4%)"
"My skin feels tight (16.5%)"

Pores are clogged, makeup cannot be removed properly, skin feels tight, etc. It seems that there are many problems that are the enemy of beautiful skin.

Approximately 70% of women perform double cleansing! What they want from cleansing is to thoroughly remove makeup!

Finally , when asked, "Do you wash your face twice after cleansing?" about 70% of people answered "Yes (69.1%)" .

■Please tell us why you should double cleanse your face!
・I'm worried about whether the dirt is coming off (30s)
・I'm worried about the slimy feeling left behind by the cleansing liquid (30s)
・It makes my skin feel more refreshed, and the foam face wash after cleansing removes dirt and moisturizes my skin. (40s)

Some people feel that makeup cleansing alone is not enough to remove all dirt, while others believe that washing their face after cleansing provides the moisturizing effect that is important for beautiful skin.







The key points to choosing a cleanser

"Low irritation"
"Makeup removal"
"Gentle blend of ingredients"

Cosmetics and UV care products that contain a lot of oil and left behind are a big enemy to your skin.

Removing makeup thoroughly with cleansing is the most basic step to beautiful skin.

People with sensitive skin in particular should be careful about friction when removing makeup.

And how you remove it is also important!

Thoroughly massage the cleanser into your skin, emulsify the cosmetics, and then gently rinse with water.

The order of application is the T-zone, U-zone, and then the oily zone.
Finally, apply it to the areas around the eyes and mouth where the skin is thin.

That said, cleansing agents can be harsh on the skin, so it's best to not spend too much time on them and to wash them off quickly.

Featured products are now available

New release of Manabi Cleansing Oil, a skin-friendly product made with vegetable oil as the main ingredient

This oil has the same composition as sebum and is also used in skin care, so it can thoroughly remove makeup without putting a strain on the skin.

It uses macadamia seed oil, which is also used in skin care products, and gently lifts away makeup stains without putting any strain on the skin.

Formulated with moisturizing ingredients, it thoroughly removes both heavy and light makeup, leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky after washing without any tightness.


Because I want to stay bare skin forever.

To return to basic daily care and continue to love your skin tomorrow.

I want you to try incorporating your own daily life at your own pace.

Manavis Skin cleansing oil


Safe for those with sensitive skin, it was created with gentleness to the skin as a top priority.

It doesn't make your skin feel tight, but it leaves it feeling refreshed after washing.

A simple and natural fragrance that makes the most of the well-balanced ingredients of refreshing geranium, fresh kabosu, and bergamot.

customer's voice

It has a nice scent and blends well with makeup to remove it, but it's not sticky or heavy, so I like how it feels when used.

I also like that after using it, I feel like my skin has regained its elasticity.

customer's voice

It feels light on the skin and puts little strain on it. The texture and scent are not too strong, so I like it.

After washing, my skin feels more moisturized than the gel type I currently use, but it's not sticky, which is great.

customer's voice

It was very easy to wash off with water or lukewarm water.

I liked it because it removed my makeup while still leaving my skin moisturized.

Medicated Skin Wash Tube Type


Contains dipotassium glycyrrhizinate.

Wash your face every morning and evening.

This amino acid-based, mildly acidic gel soap contains 17 types of plant-derived ingredients and is packed with the power of nature.

If you are concerned that cleansing alone does not remove all dirt, or if you want to wash your face while retaining necessary moisture, you will experience an even more moisturizing feeling.

customer's voice

It cleanses thoroughly without any tightness. Skin care products penetrate well after use.

It is trustworthy because it contains dipotassium glycyrrhizinate.

customer's voice

It leaves your skin feeling refreshed after washing, but it doesn't feel tight and leaves it feeling moisturized.

I also like the fact that it has a fine foam that feels great when washing. There is no hint of fragrance, so it has a natural feel to it.

customer's voice

I have sensitive skin, but since I started using this gentle facial wash, my acne has calmed down and I have been using it for many years.

We recommend using a whisk to make the foam fluffier.

Other BASIC line products

Medicinal skin mask tube type

A moisturizing revolution with in-bath care.

Wrap your freshly washed skin in
A moisturizing and smoothing pack.


Medicated emollient lotion EX

Makes your skin feel fresher after washing your face.
The fine mist blends comfortably,
A mist-type lotion that refines the skin texture.


medicated wrinkle gel

It's rich but not sticky.
As if wrapping you in a smooth veil,
A cream that locks in moisture.


You can see the details of the survey below.

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