Manavis Cosmetics proposes
careful face wash

The important thing you should know is "wash your face in the morning and evening"

Daily face washing is a shortcut to beautiful skin

"Face washing" is a daily habit.

Did you know that washing your face on a daily basis is an important skin care routine for beautiful skin?

This is a very important step that not only cleanses your skin, but also increases its penetration to prepare your skin for special care such as lotions and serums.

It's obvious, but it's something that happens every day, so many people tend to do it quickly.

In fact, while we have a rich selection of serums and cosmetics, we often hear people say that they have never paid much attention to facial cleansers.

Do you tend to forget the importance?
Washing your face is the first step in skin care

When you have a problem with your skin, it is said that the first thing you should reconsider is washing your face.

Washing your face is the entrance and first step to skin care.

One of the important points is the order in which you wash your face.

Surprisingly, many people may wash their face unconsciously without being aware of the correct way to wash their face.

The most important thing to do is to wash your face carefully in the morning and at night.

Why face washing is important

The reason is very simple.

To keep your skin healthy and ready for skin care.

By removing dirt such as pollen and excess sebum and keeping your bare skin clean, your skin can perform normal "turnover" and at the same time prepare itself to absorb next care products such as lotion .

If you change your mindset about washing your face every day, you have a chance to get closer to beautiful skin.

These are the three things I want you to know
"Morning and evening face wash" "High-quality foam" "Moisturizing"
An accumulation of simple but careful routine care.

During "face wash" time in the morning and at night

Gently envelops your bare skin with ``high-quality foam''

Thoroughly ``moisturizes'' your skin, which is pure and clean.

Both women and men, regardless of age
Washing your face is an important skin care routine that you can do every day.

I want to tell you this because it happens every day.

Manavis Cosmetics recommends ``careful face washing''.

face wash steps

lather up face wash

If it's a tube type, apply about 2cm of the texture and lather it thoroughly with lukewarm water at 30-40℃.

The trick to lathering by hand is to move quickly and finely to introduce air.

By using a whisk or a foaming net for face washing, you can quickly create thick lather.

Wash by wrapping it in foam

Gently wash your face by wrapping it in elastic foam.

The recommended order for washing your face is to start washing your face from the T-zone (forehead, bridge of the nose, and nostrils) where the skin has a lot of oil.

Next is the U zone (cheeks and chin), which has a large area.

Lastly, be especially gentle on the thin skin around the eyes and mouth, and let the foam blend in quickly.

Wash each item gently with your fingers in a circular motion. Aim for about 20 seconds in one place.

By washing your face in this order, there will be a time difference between the areas where the bubbles are applied, and you can reduce the damage caused by washing your face from friction.

Thoroughly moisturize with in-bath care

After gently rinsing off the bubbles, quickly and thoroughly moisturize so that the moisture does not escape.

Speed ​​is especially important when it comes to moisturizing your skin after bath time.

``In-bath care ,'' a keyword that has been attracting attention recently, uses a pack that is generally considered special care in the bath to moisturize the skin after washing the face.

When you take a bath, water penetrates into your skin, causing the stratum corneum to swell and become temporarily moisturized, but in reality, your skin cannot retain moisture as moisturizing ingredients such as sebum are washed out by hot water.

Ten minutes after taking a bath, your skin may be stripped of even more moisture than before taking a bath, resulting in over-dry skin.

Manavis Cosmetics focuses on this.

We offer in-bath care to prevent your skin from becoming dry even for a second.

Recommended facial cleansing items from Manavis Cosmetics

medicated skin wash d
Medicated skin wash tube type


For washing your face every morning and evening.

Wash with soft foam while retaining moisture.

Amino acid-based weakly acidic gel soap containing 16 types of plant-derived ingredients.

Medicated skin maskMedicated skin mask tube type


A moisturizing revolution with in-bath care.

Wrap your freshly washed bare skin,
A moisturizing and smoothing pack.

It has a washable, soft creamy texture that can be used in the bath.

Medicated emollient lotion EX


Leaves your skin more fresh after washing your face.

The fine mist blends comfortably into your skin,
Adjust the texture.

Easy-to-use mist type lotion.

Medicated Restoration Gel EXc


Although it feels light to wear, it is moist.

An emulsion that provides a good balance of moisture and oil.

Contains the active whitening ingredient tranexamic acid.

medicated wrinkle gel


It's rich but not sticky.

A cream that locks in moisture as if wrapping it in a smooth veil.

Contains glycyrrhetinic acid to help condition your skin.