summer ultraviolet rays
In order not to carry over


UV damaged skin.

Do you tend to overlook important facial cleansing care?


Aftercare is important for UV rays

Summer UV rays are a concern every year.

The amount of sunlight in the summer is increasing year by year, and many people are concerned about UV rays.

With the summer heat coming into autumn, many people may be neglecting their UV protection as the sunlight eases.

And did you know that aftercare is very important for the UV rays you receive in the summer?

Ultraviolet rays rain down all year round, and if you are not careful with both block care and aftercare, it can cause skin problems.

So, let's dig deeper into what measures and skin care you should take during this time.

How is everyone doing aftercare for UV rays?

So, first of all, what do you think about "skin care after exposure to UV rays"?

In order to find out the current situation, we conducted a survey on ``skin care after exposure to UV rays'' targeting women in their 30s to 50s.

Summer sunlight is a woman's natural enemy!
78% of people said they took UV protection

When asked, "Do you take precautions against UV rays in the summer?", approximately 80% of respondents answered "yes."

Also, in response to the question, ``Are you worried about going out without UV protection in the summer?''

“I have strong anxiety (52.0%)”
Most people answered, followed by

“I have some anxiety (44.6%)”
This was followed by ``I have no concerns (3.4%).''

It can be said that most women feel anxious about going out in the summer without protection from UV rays.

Taking measures to prevent UV damage is very important for your skin.

The number one way to prevent UV rays is [frequent sunscreen]
What is the specific method?

I asked, "What kind of UV protection do you use?"

“Frequently using sunscreen (80.5%)”
“Physical blocking of ultraviolet rays, such as wearing a parasol or long sleeves (67.9%)”
“Use of other UV protection products (26.6%)”
“Inner care (7.2%)”

“Using drinkable sunscreen (5.6%)”

You can see that people are diligent about preventing UV rays in various ways, such as wearing sunscreen and wearing long sleeves, but in reality, some people may have experienced damage from UV rays despite taking precautions. Is it not?

When asked, ``Have you ever felt like you were damaged by UV rays even though you were taking UV protection?'' approximately 85% of respondents answered ``Yes.''

What kind of ultraviolet light image did you specifically feel?

It turns out that there are many people who have experienced skin damage even if they take proper protection from UV rays.

When I asked her, "Please tell me about your skin concerns caused by UV rays,"

“Spots and freckles appear (53.0%)”

Most people answered, followed by

“The color becomes black (42.4%)”
``A stinging-like inflammation occurs, resulting in burns (30.9%)''
“Accelerated skin aging such as wrinkles and sagging (23.3%)”
"Pigmentation (21.8%)"
“Itchy skin (18.5%)”

It has been found that ultraviolet rays cause various types of skin damage, such as age spots, inflammation, and sagging, which are directly linked to the appearance of one's age.

Many people do not place importance on face washing as a means of protecting against UV damage!
The most common reason is [skin irritation]

Even if you take proper protection from UV rays, many people have experienced skin damage.

So, we asked how to care for your skin after UV damage.

In response to the question, "What kind of care should you focus on to deal with the damage caused by UV rays?"

`` Carefully perform daily basic care such as lotion and emulsion (42.5%) ''

Most people answered, followed by

“Care with lotions and serums that have a calming effect (27.2%)”
“Cooling care such as cooling and tightening gel (25.8%)”
“Moisturizing care with emulsion or cream (24.7%)”
“Nothing in particular (23.2%)”
“Face wash (14.5%)”

After receiving damage from UV rays, many people seem to focus on care such as hydrating and moisturizing their skin.

On the other hand, results show that only about 15% of people place importance on face washing .

So, when we asked the question, "Why don't you put more effort into washing your face as a way to protect yourself from UV damage?"

“Because it may cause too much irritation to the skin (39.0%)”
“Troublesome (27.1%)”
“I don’t feel the need (22.5%)”
“May cause dryness (20.7%)”

Approximately 40% of people said that they do not put effort into washing their face because it may irritate their skin too much.

For skin that has been damaged by UV rays, many people may think that the friction when washing their face can irritate the skin.

In addition, some people said that they did not feel it was necessary, and it became clear that few people had high expectations for the effectiveness of face washes against UV damage.

Approximately 80% of women would like to use a face wash that enhances the effectiveness of skin care products!

It has become clear that many people do not place importance on face washing as a means of protecting against UV damage.

So, I asked her if she would like to try using a face wash that would enhance the effectiveness of the skin care products she is currently using.

When asked, ``Would you like to use a face wash that would enhance the effectiveness of the skin care products you are currently using?'' approximately 85% of respondents answered ``Yes.''

Many women seem to want to focus on washing their face if the skin care they do after washing their face is more effective.

By thoroughly removing dirt, cosmetics and serums can penetrate more easily.

You can expect it to be effective in preventing skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

This survey revealed how women in their 30s to 50s can take care of their summer UV-damaged skin.

While many respondents answered that they carefully take care of their damaged skin after exposure to UV rays with lotions and emulsions, it was found that they did not place much importance on washing their face, which is necessary before skin care.

On the other hand, many women expressed the opinion that they would like to use a face wash that enhances skin care effects, indicating that many women expect high skin care effects.

If you are going to take care of your skin, you should start by washing your face carefully to soothe your skin that has been damaged by UV rays.


Summer UV damage

So that it doesn't carry over.

Skin care that soothes your bare skin.





Face your own skin honestly

Basic series

"Medicated" is added to all basic care product names.

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