“Beautiful skin bacteria” are essential for beautiful skin

What are the "skin-beautifying bacteria" recommended by 90% of cosmetic dermatologists?

The relationship between beautiful skin bacteria and bad bacteria

Did you know that there are bacteria that live on your skin called ``beautiful skin bacteria''?

"Beautiful skin bacteria" are good bacteria that keep your skin healthy, produce moisture, and strengthen the skin's natural barrier function.

On the other hand, your skin also contains "bad bacteria" that cause skin irritation.

In addition to beautifying bacteria and bad bacteria, there are many types of bacteria such as opportunistic bacteria that always exist on the skin, and it is said that the condition of the skin is influenced by the balance of these bacteria.

“Skin-beautifying bacteria” are a hot topic these days as they are essential for beautiful skin.

Manabis Cosmetics conducted a ``fact-finding survey regarding beautiful skin bacteria and bad bacteria'' targeting 1,005 women in their 30s to 50s nationwide.

Approximately 60% of respondents said they did not know about skin-beautifying bacteria.

Approximately 90% of cosmetic dermatologists say that "skin-beautifying bacteria" are important for the skin.

Similarly, a survey was conducted among 1,005 cosmetic dermatologists across the country regarding the relationship between beautiful skin bacteria and bad bacteria. The survey results (*2) show the importance of "skin-beautifying bacteria."

What I am concerned about is skin problems caused by a decrease in skin-beautifying bacteria.

It is thought that ``acne'', ``dryness'', and ``itching'' may occur more easily.

What care should I take to increase and nurture beautiful skin bacteria?

According to a survey (*2) of cosmetic dermatologists, the most common answer was ``avoid skin friction (46.6%)'' .

This was followed by ``taking measures against UV rays (44.4%)'' and ``leaving an appropriate amount of sebum (44.0%)'' .

You can see that diligent skin care is important on a daily basis.

Ordinary care is not enough to cultivate beautiful skin bacteria! ?

In the same survey (*2), we asked cosmetic dermatologists, ``Do you think the general public's skin care methods are sufficient for increasing and nurturing skin-beautifying bacteria?'' Over 70% of them answered that they were sufficient.

On the other hand, I am concerned about the reason for the insufficiency. We would like to introduce some of the survey results.

“Because caring from the inside is important.”
"Because you're removing too much sebum"

When I hear this, I'm curious about more effective care that increases the number of skin-beautifying bacteria.

And what about “bad bacteria”? What is the care to reduce

The premise is that when the number of bad bacteria on your skin increases, you are more likely to experience the same skin problems as when the number of skin-beautifying bacteria decreases, such as acne, itchiness, and dryness.

In the same survey (*2), we interviewed a cosmetic dermatologist about care to reduce "bad bacteria."

Here too, responses such as ``I don't get stressed out'' and ``I keep my skin clean'' were the most important responses to staying healthy in daily life.


To keep your skin healthy

Cleansing and washing your face every day is important, but if you don't take care of your face properly, it will strip away the sebum and bacteria that your skin needs, and your skin will lose its moisture.

Therefore, Manabis Cosmetics focuses on "skin-beautifying bacteria."

We provide support to "moisturize and protect" your skin to maintain an environment suitable for beautiful skin bacteria,
We have developed a skin care line that approaches the balance of bacteria on your skin.

Therefore, the "Flora Series" was born.


Manabis cosmetics are attracting attention
What are skin-beautifying bacteria?
Skin-beautifying bacteria have beneficial effects on the skin, such as producing and sustaining moisturizing ingredients and protecting the skin's barrier function.

The representative strain, Staphylococcus epidermidis, prevents water evaporation,
Produces "glycerin" that keeps the skin moisturized and "fatty acids" that keep the skin slightly acidic.

Daily cleansing and excessive facial washing can remove necessary sebum and skin bacteria.
Your skin may lose its moisture.

Therefore, "Flora" focuses on skin-beautifying bacteria,
We provide ``moisturizing and protecting'' support to maintain an environment suitable for skin-beautifying bacteria.
Original prescription only for Manabis

Skin balancing formula F (skin conditioning)

"Skin Balancing Formula F", which adjusts the condition of the skin, is Manabis' unique formulation that focuses on skin-beautifying bacteria.

In addition to the "lactic acid bacterium-producing substances" of the Lactobacillus/soy milk fermentation liquid that creates an environment that is pleasing to good bacteria (skin-beautifying bacteria), "Fruit" is a combination of eight plant-derived ingredients, including grapefruit fruit extract and grapefruit seed extract. By incorporating ``Complex M,'' we create an environment that makes it difficult for bad bacteria to grow. This is Manavis' one-of-a-kind prescription "Skin Balancing Formula F."

By directly approaching the stratum corneum of the skin immediately after washing your face, carefully selected skin conditioning ingredients help maintain moisture, leading to your ideal skin.

Keep your skin fresh and fresh with daily care from the inside and outside.

Would you like to have a beautiful and unique everyday life with Flora's "internal and external beauty"?

flora first serum


Focusing on the balance between beautiful skin bacteria and resident skin bacteria, which holds the key to healthy skin,
An introductory lotion to be used immediately after washing your face.

flora skin care oil


A serum layer containing plant-derived ingredients and an oil layer containing 4 organic ingredients.
A two-layer beauty oil that focuses on skin-beautifying bacteria.

flora supplement basic


Stay healthy and beautiful from the inside out.
Contains lactic acid bacteria, yeast bacteria, and lactic acid bacteria producing substances.
Manabis Cosmetics' first supplement.